A Look at Industries that Use Fiberglass Fabric that's Reinforced with Silicon Cloth

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A Look at Industries that Use Fiberglass Fabric that's Reinforced with Silicon Cloth


Fiberglass fabric that’s reinforced with silicon cloth is durable, has low density as well as thermal insulation properties compared to other materials. These are some of the reasons why silicon cloth is common in various industrial applications. 


In addition to the abovementioned properties, Fiberglass fabric coated with silicon is budget-friendly. That’s why it is oftentimes the go-to materials of various industrial companies, especially those who want to ensure that the efficiency as well as safety of their facilities are not compromised in any way. 


To have an idea of their uses in various industries, read the following paragraphs. 



Fiberglass fabric or cloth is prevalent in the electronics sector and it is widely utilised in reinforced fabrics. Plus, it is found in many wiring boards because it acts as an electric insulating material. It delivers heat resistance and dimensional stability. 



In the automotive industry, fiberglass cloth is widely used in the replacement of body parts; particularly in the customised kit markets. Compared to metal press assemblies, the tooling costs of the said fabric are relatively low, making it ideal for businesses in the smaller market sector. 


Aviation and aerospace

the first few releases of fiberglass fabric were not effective when it comes to water absorption, newer ones are more resilient. The latter is the reason why it is widely used in the marine industry. 


In fact, without fiberglass fabric, boat ownership may not have reached the level of popularity that it is enjoying today. That is because other manufacturing methods are simply too expensive for mass production and are not plausible for automation. 



Due to its low porosity, hard wearing finish, lightweight, and non-staining capabilities, fiberglass fabric is ideally suited to medical applications. Medical equipment and accessories that make use of the said fabric include instrument enclosures, X-day beds, inspection equipment, support structures, etc. 


Summing up

All in all, fiberglass fabric coated with silicon is a popular material that is extremely versatile and durable. However, it should be noted that not all manufacturers are created equal and in line with this, it is best to practice caution and buy only from a reputable company.









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