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Jereco is home to an array of Rockwool pipe sectionals in Singapore. Designed for rapid, efficient pipework insulation of heating and high-temperature pipework, Rockwool pipe sectionals Sg are pre-fabricated and can be purchased with or without the reinforced Aluminium foil / Aluminium Fiberglass cloth. They all come with an inbuilt self-adhesive lap.

Rockwool Pipe Sectionals at Jereco

ProRox is a mandrel wound Rockwool pipe sectional suitable for a wide range of insulation applications. The insulation sections are made of stone wool and manufactured with WR-Tech, a new water-repellent adhesive, to reduce the risk of corrosion under insulation. This is further reinforced with an Aluminium foil / Aluminium Fiberglass cloth lamination.

These Rockwool pipe sectionals in Singapore are supplied as split and hinged for simple Snap-on assembly and are ideal for thermal and acoustic pipe insulation.

The integral lap enables quick and simple installation by allowing you to snap the pieces onto the pipe, remove the backing tape, and smooth out the joint for a totally sealed connection.

Each section is intended for the thermal and acoustic insulation of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) pipework operating between 0°C and 250°C.