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Jereco’s stainless steel wing seals are widely used in various industries for fastening and securing purposes. Our stainless steel wing seals can be easily used in conjunction with metal strapping, stainless steel tie wires, and stainless bandings for a tight and secure seal.




Features of Stainless Steel Wing Seals:

Material:   Our stainless steel wing seals are made from high-quality stainless steel of SS304 and SS31 grade. Stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and durability.

Design:  They feature a unique design with two extended wings on each side of the central body. These wings are crimped over the object to ensure secure fastening. 

Versatility: Stainless steel wing seals can be customised to accommodate different applications and load requirements. If you require a specific stainless steel wing seal made for your industrial application, speak to our insulation experts today.

Easy Installation: Wing seals can be easily installed using standard hand tools and can be crimped and stamped to form a secure connection.

High Strength:  Our stainless steel wing seals come with high tensile strength, ensuring the integrity and stability of the connection even under heavy loads and vibrations.

Applications of Stainless Steel Wing Seals

Insulation: Stainless steel wing seals are ideal for securing stainless steel banding, cladding, and jacketing in place, and are widely used within the insulation industry. 

Other uses include: 

  • Bundling: Wing seals are commonly used together with stainless steel banding to secure bundles of materials. They help hold the bundles together more strongly. 
  • Sign and Pole Mounting: Another common usage of stainless steel wing seals is mounting. This secure attachment enables easy mounting on various surfaces and prevents the object from coming loose. Made with stainless steel SS304 and SS316, these can withstand outdoor environmental conditions. 
  • Packaging and Shipping: Wing seals can ensure that packaging remains intact during transportation and they are heavily used in the shipping industry to secure packaging materials such as wooden crates or cardboard boxes.
  • Construction and Infrastructure: Stainless steel wing seals are also employed in construction and infrastructure applications, as they can withstand the stress and load requirements of different projects. 
  • Oil Rigs: Wing seals help secure tubing and pipes within the drilling platforms. 


Whether you require premium stainless steel wing seals, lacing anchor hooks, custom insulation jackets or dedicated insulation project management, our expert team is here to assist you. As a trusted insulation provider in Singapore, we strive to deliver exceptional services and products. Experience the best industrial and commercial insulation consultancy services in Singapore with Jereco.



1. What are stainless steel wing seals used for?

Stainless steel wing seals are closures used to secure stainless steel banding straps. They are designed to be crimped over objects like poles, pipes, or bundles of materials to create a tight and secure hold.

2. How can I select the best for my industrial applications?

#1: Consider the banding strap size

The wing seal size needs to match the width of your stainless steel banding strap. Common sizes include ½” x ¾”, ¾” x ¾”, and 1” x ¾”. Always check with a reputable supplier of stainless steel wing seals before purchasing. 

#2: Evaluate Environmental Conditions

For outdoor use or environments with moisture, choose Type 316 stainless steel wing seals. They offer superior corrosion resistance compared to Type 304, which is ideal for dry indoor applications.

#3: Assess Weight and Load Requirements

Different stainless steel wing seals have varying breaking strengths. Determine the maximum weight or tension the seal needs to withstand. Choose a wing seal with a breaking strength exceeding your application's load requirements.

#4: Application and Installation

If frequent installation and removal are needed, consider alternative closure options like toggle clips and toggle latches for reusability. For tight spaces, a smaller wing seal might be necessary.

Additional tip: Contact a renowned supplier: They can recommend specific wing seals based on your application requirements and recommend compatible banding straps and tensioning tools too. 

3. Can stainless steel wing seals be reused?

Reusing steel wing seals is not recommended. Reusing stainless steel wing seals can compromise its strength, durability and its ability to hold a secure grip. Therefore, always opt for new ones. 

4. What safety precautions should I take when using stainless steel wing seals?

#1: Wear gloves to shield your hands from cuts. The edges of the wing seal can be sharp, especially during handling and installation.

#2: Use safety glasses whenever working with tensioning tools. There's always a risk of metal fragments flying during the tensioning process, so protecting your eyes is crucial.

#3: Always use the recommended tensioning tools for the specific size of your wing seal and banding strap. Using the wrong tool can damage the seal or make it difficult to achieve a secure closure, potentially compromising the hold.

#4: Thoroughly inspect the wing seals for any damage such as bends or cracks and discard the ones with defects.  These imperfections can affect the seal's performance.