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New safety regulations imposed by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for engineers in Singapore.


Our custom made, removable noise insulation jackets improve working conditions and health and safety. These sleek jackets provide integrated acoustic insulation to reduce noise in loud environments, enhance health and safety, and protect employees.

Every jacket is tailored to suit typical applications including exhaust lines, pipelines, expanders, turbines, fans, compressors, and air handling devices. Our noise insulation jackets can be tailored to absorb and dampen sound by up to 90%.



Acoustic jackets drown out noisy components, keeping your workplace safe and sound.

Noisy Air Compressor Air Compressor Sound Attenuated by Thermaxx Jackets


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When noisy equipment is a problem, removable noise insulation jackets may be the solution. We design our acoustic jackets with the optimal blend of absorbent, damping, and reflecting materials to address your individual demands.

First, we assess the spectrum of radiated frequencies, then we build the optimal mix of materials to lower each frequency to the decibel level you desire. In extreme situations, at the request of our clients, we are able to reduce noise levels by 99 percent with the use of our custom made noise insulation jackets.

Reduce compressor & motor noise
Compressors and motors are prime offenders when it comes to noise pollution. When a less noisy model is not a practical solution, the answer very well could be a removable noise insulation jacket. Most facility owners choose removable insulation jackets because they can be quickly and readily changed for inspection and maintenance.

Prevent complaints

Continuous loud, bothersome, and distressing sounds may cause employees or tenants to feel obligated to complain, to leave their jobs, relocate, or even worse, report you to the local authorities, which might result in penalties or citations. Consider noise reduction options like noise insulating jackets if your equipment is creating excessive noise that exceeds state or municipal noise standards.

Noisy Fisher Regulator Fisher Regulator Quieted by Thermaxx Jackets

Improve occupant & workplace comfort

According to studies, prolonged exposure to loud noise has a number of negative impacts, including hearing loss, difficulties focusing, interference with verbal communication, difficulty falling asleep, increased stress, high blood pressure, and even cardiac issues. Noise pollution at work has a detrimental influence on workers' health, safety, and productivity. Residential noise pollution disrupts sleep, raises stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, and has a significant negative influence on both mental and physical health. It is more difficult to find and keep good employees, renters, and homeowners in areas with excessive noise. With the use of noise insulation jackets these serious concerns could be very well overcome by industries and residential buildings alike.

Remove easily for servicing
Our noise insulation jackets are specially designed to be easily removed and replaced to facilitate easy maintenance and repairs on equipment. Most of our insulation covers can be taken off or put back on in 3-5 minutes or less.