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New safety regulations imposed by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for engineers in Singapore.


Mylar foil water vapour barrier is a three-layer lamination of polyester film/aluminium foil, in very thin gauges, specially designed as a vapour barrier in thermal insulations. 

Mylar foil water vapour barrier combines the excellent vapour barrier properties of aluminium with the outstanding mechanical, chemical and thermal characteristics of polyester film, thus creating an ideal, flexible and efficient barrier material suitable for all outdoor industrial insulation applications.

Polyester film 12 or 25 microns thick
Aluminium foil 25 or 50 microns thick
Polyester foil 12 or 25 microns thick

Physical properties 
Specific gravity: 2.2kg/dm3 

Chemical properties
Fungus resistance: no attack 

Thermal properties 
Melting point (polyester): 250/265 degrees C
Temperature resistance : -60/+150 degrees C




Mylar Foil Water Vapour Barrier- Applications

  • Commercial and residential insulation: As a vapour barrier in walls, floors, and ceilings to prevent moisture from penetrating insulation materials. They are also widely used in attics, basements, and crawl spaces to improve energy efficiency and prevent moisture condensation.
  • Machinery and electric insulation: As an effective layer of protection for machinery and equipment from moisture during storage and transport, preventing rust and corrosion. It is also used in electrical insulation applications to protect sensitive components from water vapour, which can cause short circuits and failures. Mylar polyester film can withstand temperatures between -70 °C to 150 °C effectively.
  • Automotive industry: Used as a protective film for automotive interiors to prevent moisture from damaging sensitive components, for insulating cables and gaskets and to enhance the overall durability of the surfaces.
  • Marine Industry: It is widely used to wrap and protect marine equipment from moisture and saltwater exposure, thereby prolonging their lifespan. Often used in the manufacturing of boat covers to protect vessels from moisture and prevent mildew growth during storage.
  • Agricultural: Reflective Mylar serves as an efficient vapour barrier in greenhouses, maintaining the ideal humidity level and reducing water evaporation in agricultural soil to enhance crop growth.
  • Packaging: It protects sensitive pharmaceutical products from moisture, ensuring their stability and efficacy, and helps extend the shelf life of snacks, coffee, and dehydrated foods when used as part of packaging material.

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