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New safety regulations imposed by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for engineers in Singapore.

JERECO SINGAPORE is a dedicated insulation services provider in Singapore, and we are equipped with an expert crew who specializes in insulation, material procurement, consultation, and engineering, to offer you the industry’s best products and services.

With many years of experience in marine engineering, we are a one-stop solution provider for all your insulation needs.

From small, quick repairs to large, detailed projects, our repeat customers bear testimony to our commitment to quality materials, craftsmanship, and safety.

Minimizing wastage enables us to economize on cost and labor and create value for our services.

Our high-tech insulation solutions enable more efficient maintenance, and better energy conservation, which results in extending the life of your equipment while minimizing downtime.

From complex technical solutions and on-site custom fabrications to reusable exhaust system jackets, we always have the right solution for you.

Our high-quality workmanship always exceeds our clients' expectations, and our commitment to dedicated insulation project management distinguishes us from the rest.

Contact our dedicated service team today and we will work diligently with you to develop the ideal solution for all your commercial and industrial insulation needs.


We provide dedicated consultation services for all types of insulation projects. Work with our expert team of industry professionals on your next industrial insulation project and benefit from our innovative industrial solutions.

Consultation Performed:

  • Specialized consultation for insulation
  • Provision of sound mitigation solutions
  • Identify, select and assess insulation material requirements and suitability
  • Budgeting and material costing
  • Technical consultation
  • Project implementation and execution by qualified engineers

Our experienced management team, together with our dedicated, highly-trained crew, provides a comprehensive range of insulation solutions and collaborates with you to develop the best plan of action for your facility. Get in touch with us to benefit from our dedicated insulation project management and top-quality industrial insulation services.

Services Performed:

  • Comprehensive project management from start to finish
  • Crystal clear project scope and work schedules
  • Comprehensive approach to each project with tailor-made solutions
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Adherence to the highest standards of quality
  • Attention to detail and flawless execution
  • On-time delivery
  • Regular quality checks of all products and material

Jereco Singapore is a one-stop insulation solutions provider and we offer tailor-made insulation solutions for our clients. We utilize our superior knowledge of cutting-edge technology, materials, and processes to ensure our installations work optimally and last a long time.

We offer a wide selection of insulation choices for pipe jacketing, steam lines, vessels, and tanks, as well as towers, skids, and more. We use cutting-edge technology and the best prefabricated materials available in the industry.

Services Performed:

  • Thermal Insulation (heating and ventilation)
  • Acoustic Insulation (soundproofing)
  • Cryogenic Insulation (chilled systems)
  • Fireproofing Insulation
  • Steam and Condensate Pipework Insulation
  • Hot and Cold Insulation Works
  • Repair and Maintenance of Damaged Insulation

We are committed to providing our customers with quality products at competitive prices. In addition to the regular stringent quality checks carried out by our trusted suppliers, we are home to a highly qualified and dedicated team of in-house experts who have mastered the art of quality checks. This enables us to ensure that we deliver the finest quality products to our customers every time.

Services Performed:

  • Non-destructive testing for clients (analyzer model: XCZ-980)
  • Non-destructive analyzer report generation for clients

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