Mylar Foil Water Vapour Barrier

Mylar Foil Water Vapour Barrier

Light weight, two-way fiberglass mesh, double-sided reflective insulation, with good insulation results,high vapor barrier power and sound insulation properties.


Product Description

Polyester film 12 microns thick
Aluminium foil 25 microns thick
Polyester foil 12 microns thick

Physical Properties
Specific Gravity : 2.2Kg/dm3
Weight : 110g/m2
Width : 1 meter
Tensile Strength MD : 8.30Kg/15x100m
Elongation MD : 54%
Elongation TD : 58%
Friction film/film : 0.45 Kinetic
Elmendorf MD : 400g/mm
Elmendorf TD : 700g/mm

Chemical Properties
Humidity absorption : <0.3%
Steam permeability : 0.000001 g/h m2 mmHg
Fungus resistance : No attack

Thermal Properties
Melting point (polyester) : 250/265 degrees C
Temperature resistance : -60/+150 degrees C


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